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About sabatier reaction and reactors

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There is a lot of talk about Sabatier reaction and how to produce fuel on Mars ( and not only there ).

The whole idea of sabatier reaction is to produce methane from Co2 and hydrogen.

It all starts with watter ( H2O ) and CO2 . First split watter in H2 and O via electrolysis . Second is to combine H2 and Co2 to obtain CH4 and H2O. The reaction is :

2H2O -> O2 +2H2 . then Co2 + 2h2 + 2h2 -> 2H2O + Ch4

I was looking at :

And started to gather more information:

They seems to use

  • aalborg GFC-17 for gas regulation
  • heating tape ( Looks like something like this: )
  • to control the reactor they seems to use ESP32 micro controllers wifi for communication protocol.

Interesting enough is they use long range radio protocol . But it doen’t state if is LORA , sigfox or LTE-m

I wonder if this kind of reactor can be build in DIY manner. So far i found no open hardware schematics for it. But it would be interesting to see what the future will bring