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Charging your Android Desire using solar energy

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A weekend project. I purchased a long time ago a solar charger for my Samsung phone. But the old phone got obsolete. so for a while i forgot about the solar charger. Until today when i got the idea to use it to charge my HTC Desire with it. It was a simple job . All i needed was an old usb cable , an old connector from the solar kit , a soldering gun and some glue. The result is not very pretty but it does the job. When i will have some free time i will make it look nice , but it’s not a priority.

  1. Cut the usb cable in half and keep only the part with the motherboard adapter
  2. Solder the connector ( red on red , black on black ) to the wire .
  3. Isolate the wires using some adhesive tape.
  4. Connect it to the Desire phone and … it works.

What still needs to be done: To buy some velcro and attach the solar charger to my car .

Pictures taken from building to finish