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When apache is going bad

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When apache is going bad you get something like this:
[Sun Aug 28 20:46:50 2011] [notice] child pid 30716 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)
After a lot of wasted time ( lucky we encounter this error before but forgot about it ) and a little debugging we found the source of all evil:
#1 0xb7786539 in apr_brigade_flatten (bb=0x9c77788, c=0xbfd57fba “”, len=0xbfd57f0c) at buckets/apr_brigade.c:237

This means trouble with apr package. Now … to fix it …
I’ll update the post later.

Later edit:

switching to apr-1.4.5 fixed the problem. Now things are calmed down. mod_passenger works as expected , our private redmine is back in bussiness.I’m considering using it on public also. But i have to test the implications. If you have experience using redmine for public let me know.