Things to do after TFM server install

There are several things to do after TFM server 3.4 ( 4.0 alfa ) installation :

  1.   Activate the network
  • mkdir -p /etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifconfig.eth0
  • mcedit /etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifconfig.eth0/ipv4

And put your network configuration like this:

  • mcedit /etc/resolv.conf

And add the follwing line:


Test the machine network by pinging and doing some traceroutes


2. Update the machine to latest available server packages

  •  disable in /etc/apt/apt.conf signature check. It should look like this:

// Uncomment to disable GPG-signature checking for packages
GPG-Check "false";
// Uncomment to prevent kernel being handled along with (dist-)upgrade

  • To get the server up to date run apt-get dist-upgrade
  • If kernel gets updated don’t forget to run lilo and reboot the system

If you are running in vmware environment now would be a good time to make a snapshot of the machine before customizing it further. Because now you have a perfectly viable clean TFM server machine that you can work with.


Fontconfig warning fix

Fontconfig warning
When running a application from the terminal the following warning is displayed:
Fontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/50-user.conf", line 9: reading configurations from ~/.fonts.conf is deprecated.

Quick Fix
Open a terminal window and run:
mkdir -p $HOME/.config/fontconfig
mv $HOME/.fonts.conf $HOME/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf

Tfm Workstation kde 4.11.1 – part 2

Dupa cum ziceam in postul  “Compiling Kde 4.11.1” lucrurile incep sa se aranjeze . Interfata grafica se misca onorabil acum ramine doar sa incep sa adaug tool-urile care lipsesc.

Primul pe ordinea de zi a fost Krusader . Pachetul s-a creeat imediat . Ultimul beta ( beta 4 ) s-a compilat fara nici o eroare dar la final la primul run am constatat ca lipsesc urmatoarele pentru o functionalitate completa.

missing_1 missing_2






Deci mai am de adaugat:

  • – lha , arj , dpkg , 7z
  • – kdiff3 si krename


Am redecoperit

Azi am redescoperit De fiecare data cind il “redescopar” ( si asta se intimpla cam la fiecare jumate de an ) stau citeva ore si ma uit in urma la prezentari . Pina acuma nu le-am postat pe cele care m-au impresionat . Dar de data asta una din prezentari mi s-a parut senzationala :

Dupa ce am vazut-o am inceput sa ma gindesc … Ce vedem in acest moment ? Pai … Rosia Montana si scandalul maidanezilor .. Ce nu vedem ? Va las pe voi sa spuneti.

Si am mai vazut urmatoarele ( si mi-au placut) :

Read more

compiling kde 4.11.1

Preparing the new TFM workstation. So far things look good.
kde-workspace will need some more libraries . First i’ll try without them .

  • Wayland , The Wayland Client and Server libraries , <>

Required for building KWin with Wayland support

  •   Systemd , Init and service manager for Linux , <>

Provides automatic multi-seat, session and power management features

  •   Prison , Prison library , <>

Needed to create mobile barcodes from clipboard data

  •   libgps , GPS support for geolocation , <>
  •   Xmms , X MultiMedia System development libraries , <>

Support for XMMS in the Now Playing data engine

  •   Qalculate , Qalculate Library , <>

Needed to enable advanced features of the calculator runner

Screenshots will be added on the first test run .


Later update ( here it is ) : kde411