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Internet advertising in a very wrong way

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From time to time i read It’s a good source of information. But i saw something that i didn’t understand. Take a look at the following picture:
On a linux propaganda website you can find an add that states “linux was too big a risk”. And this is not the only problem. The font used in the add is bigger than anything on the website.
Advertising for a direct competitor on your server and the competitor ads that imply your product is a bad product ? WTF ? Correct me if I’m wrong … Isn’t it dumb ? And this is just one face of the internet web ads. There are many other issues with it . But I’ll write about it another time.

8 thoughts on “Internet advertising in a very wrong way”

  1. What’s your problem? is a great source of information and it needs money to run. If Microsoft is so nice to pay for ads on this site, I’m very glad about it.
    I even enjoy the dump M$-Slogans next to Linux and Free Software Articles, as they appear to me like a crying child fishing for attention.
    And it’s a free world (in theory): Give Microsoft the right to express it’s view!

  2. yes! Ads should be limited to ones I like for companies I like.

    And here I was thinking was a news and info site, not a “propaganda” site. I was so wrong, I hang my head in shame and cry. Also too bad they don’t have forums where you can post what you want instead of looking stupid with off-topic.

    Wait! They do, at

    Silly me. I am a digression on the road of life…

  3. Thomas: I agree that have great articles. And i also agree that it needs money to run. What’s my problem ? I find the microsoft ad that implies that linux is a big risk at least funny to be found on a linux news and info site. Especially when the article is written with a 14 font size and the add with 48 font size.And in the free world as you say don’t i have the right to express my opinion ?

    Wango: My fault that i didn’t posted on forums. And if expressing my opinion about a site i like makes me look stupid so be it. Of course you can anytime delete my off-topic post or move it on forums if you like. Regarding on what adds you run on it’s your choice. However you can’t expect that everyone will be happy with the adds on a web site. Question: Do you offer a payed adds free version of I would be interested.

  4. Couple months ago I saw videos about Apple’s OSX on And of course, there was an add right at the bottom of the player. Ang guess what was for! Microsoft. In fact, MS were the sponsor for that news.
    And yes, for me was pretty odd.

    Cop, seems like you switched the blog to another language. Or is just an experiment?

  5. When i comment on English web site i usually post on blog in the English. This is quite rare so don’t worry 🙂

  6. “Question: Do you offer a payed adds free version of I would be interested.” – Don’t have to!
    You’re using Firefox, all you need is ABP (AdBlockPlus ) and NoScript ( ). I might say that I almost forget how a web page (no matter which) looks with adds on it. Sometimes, when I test a new virtual machine installation, or a new ies4linux version, and I see how a page really looks… yuck!
    Oh, yeah, I know, I’m such a bad guy for not watching those adds that pay for my free stuff… I know it, I’m proud of myself and I’ll do it as long as I can!

  7. It’s “paid”, not “payed”, and “ads”, not “adds.” Please don’t pick up your spelling habits from Slashdot.

  8. @Fred: Well, it becomes visible that I live among uneducated, french-speakin’, paysans on the north shore of St-Laurents’s river, eh? 🙂
    My apologies, if I somehow offended your sensible grammatical feelings by saying “adds” instead of “ads”. I promise I’ll do the same next time 😛

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