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How to make your Iriver T10 to work in Linux ( DRM free )

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t10_1.jpgIf you have an old Iriver T10 mp3 player you know by now how hard is to use it in Linux . Some use gphoto2 to transfer files to it. This is because the original firmware uses the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) . Of course MTP brings the DRM limitations and in day to day operations this simply SUCKS. On the other hand the UMS (USB Mass Storage) works like a charm without the DRM crap. And guess what? UMS works perfectly with linux. So let change the Iriver T10 from MTP to UMS.

However things are not as simple as they appear. The Iriver Corporation provides on their site an firmware update that supposed to convert from MPT to UMS. But guess what .. This firmwre updater does not work in US or Europe. Now think for a bit . What the hell is wrong with them ? Why in the world doesn’t they provide the firmware to the whole world ? Well … Enough politics and let’s do the job. in simple steps:

  1. First you need to download the updater from their site.
  2. Second you run the updater in recovery mode untill you reach the point where it tells you to unplug the device. Start an explorer and copy from your Iriver device those 2 files that the updater put there: T10_MPURE2.HEX is the important file.
  3. Remove the iriver, let it do the update (actually it will make the iriver MPT). Not quite useful but necessary step.
  4. After the update is done plug the device back in, re-run the updater this time select convert to UMS and click those 2 check boxes.
  5. Of course up to the point that tells you to unplug the device. don’t unplug it yet. Now copy the file you saved in step 2 to the device. Wait a while for the file to get copied.
  6. Unplug the Iriver and it will start the update.
  7. Enjoy your brand new Iriver T10 UMS

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  1. Steve: I didn’t try this update on an Windows 7 machine. The Iriver itself it’s an old device ( but IMHO the best player on the market ) . However there should be a windows media player for win 7 that will allow you to copy the files. If that doesn’t word you can try to do this on a XP machine.

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