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Jingle Bombs . Craciun Fericit :)

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Ho ho ho . Va doresc un Craciun Fericit si in acelasi timp un Craciun Haios . Dupa craciun vine retrospectiva anului si citeva posturi surpriza.

Later edit:

  • Bin Laden is coming to town ( asteptam versurile 🙂 )
  • Oh Holly Crap ( i think i blew my foot off ) ( asteptam completarea la versuri )
  • SILENCE night ( completa )

Jingle Bombs

Dashing thought the sand
with a bomb strapped to my back
I’ve got a nasty plan
for Christmas in Irak

I got through checkpoint A,
but not through Checkpoint B,
and then when I got shot in ass by US military

( Not funny )
Jingle bombs , jingle bombs
Mine blew up , you see
where are all the virgins
that bin laden promised me?

Jingle bombs , jingle bombs
US soldiers shot me dead
The only thing that i have left
is this towel up on my head

I used to be a man
but every time i caught
Thanks to uncle Sam
My nuts are falling off

my bombing days are done
i need to find some work
perhaps it would be much safer
as convenient store night clerk

Jingle bombs , jingle bombs
I think i got screwed
don’t laugh at me
because I’m dead
Or i Kill YOU !

In curind vine si tabulatura … Poate exista amatori …


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