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One man writes Linux drivers for 235 USB webcams

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This is the best news i heard about linux this year. The Inquirer reports about A LONE HOBBYIST programmer sitting at his home in France is responsible for adding 235 USB webcams to the list of those supported by Linux. This means finally someone is trying to improve the Media drivers that are so bad in Linux. Those who tried to install a cheap webcam in linux knows the pain. Those who tried to use video streaming in linux with a cheap webcam knows the pain even better. Anyway this things are slowly begining to change. Thanks to Michel Xhaard who added the support for so many webcams.


2 thoughts on “One man writes Linux drivers for 235 USB webcams”

  1. Da, stirea e ceva mai veche si a ajuns si in gura carcotasilor de pe slashdot, care au tras concluzia ca de-fapt a pornit de la 0, a creat cate-un driver si a tot modificat (fiind modele asemanatoare) pana a ajuns la numarul magic de 235.

  2. Eu ieri am descoperit-o si m-a bucurat foarte tare mai ales ca in dezvoltare un proiect care foloseste streaming

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