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Ubuntu , pidgin … add to system tray

You will find very frustrating pidgin closing every time you close all chat windows … this will add it to system menu bar and keeps it open. $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8 $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install pidgin-indicator

Workshop RLUG Martie 2014

Workshopul RLUG din 13 martie 2014 a avut loc in Politehnica Bucuresti, Facultatea de Automatica si Calculatoare, sala EC102. Topicul principal a fost: “Monitorizarea in infrastructuri IT” . Dumitru Ciobârcianu: – “In God We Trust, The Rest We Monitor”. Monitorizarea: De ce si pentru ce Marius Pană: – OMD (Open Monitoring Distribution) Petre Rațiu: – Read more about Workshop RLUG Martie 2014[…]

Cintece de pe maidan

In live-urile de pe Maidan s-a tot auzit un cintec. Over and over again. Eu nu reusisem sa-l gasesc . Gabi in schimb a insistat mai mult si l-a gasit. Este genul de cintec care iti ramine in cap si-n suflet. Enjoy: [youtube][/youtube]  

Good tool to automate mouse movement and clicking in linux

Get the software and compile it: Install it … make ; make install Get the mouse position: xdotool getmouselocation Clicking forever there … Might be useful for …. refreshing a page …or clicking on a link #!/bin/bash while [ 1 ]; do xdotool mousemove XXX YYY click 1 & sleep 5 done Sit back Read more about Good tool to automate mouse movement and clicking in linux[…]